The Chatelaine is the officer responsible for welcoming newcomers to the SCA and can be reached at

Clothing: Dress like the Middle Ages

Because all events are held “in garb” — everyone is wearing an approximation of Medieval clothing — we have loaner outfits available for newcomers. These loaner outfits are called “Gold Key,” and you can contact the Chatelaine to arrange borrowing a set. We also have some loaner “feast gear” (the plates, mugs, and silverware) available for eating at events.

We also hold workshops on creating garb; please either contact the Chatelaine or the Minister of Arts and Sciences to learn about upcoming workshops, or request a workshop on the topic you’re interested.

Attending Your First Event

In addition to the Shire’s local practices, events are held all over the kingdom and are listed in the East Kingdom Event Calendar. Atlantia, the kingdom to the south of the East Kingdom, has a calendar of events as well.

Garb is required for attending events — it’s part of how we create the atmosphere of being in the current middle ages!

“Getting ready for your first event,” a preview article from the Known World Handbook, gives more information about attending your first event.

Learning more about the SCA: Web resources

The SCA Newcomer’s Portal is a good overall resource for all things SCA.

The East Kingdom (our Kingdom) has a Newcomer’s page.

You can become a card-carrying member of the SCA through This official website is full of Society-wide resources.

The East Kingdom Gazette posts important Kingdom and Shire announcements, upcoming events, Court Reports, research articles, and other items of interest. You can also receive the East Kingdom Gazette as a mailing list.