The Populace of Hartshorn-Dale Invites you to their second annual Harts and Horns event!

Hartshorn-Dale is delighted to be hosting the Kingdom Rapier Championships for Their Highnesses Mattias Grunwald and Aesa Feillin Jossursdottir. Come and enjoy the skill of our Kingdom’s Rapier enthusiasts! Details on Tourney Style To follow.

See the Event Announcement in the East Kingdom calendar.

Event Details

Date: November 11th, 2023

Location: St Pauls United Church of Christ, 1979 Weavertown Rd, Douglassville, PA 19518

Important Notes!

This site is a strictly dry site.

Smoking: there is no smoking indoors, and any smoking out of doors must leave absolutely no trace. We will provide signage for a smoking area, as well as a repository for all smoking refuse. Please only smoke and dispose of smoking refuse in the approved area.

Non-marking shoes are required, especially for fencers.


9 am site opens to populace

11 am-4 pm tournament

12 pm – 4 pm dayboard

1 p.m. gate closes

5 pm closing court

site closes 30 minutes after end of court

The Magister John Marshall atte Forde Memorial Cooking Competition: Registration opens at 9:30 am, closes at 1 pm. Open to populace at 3 pm (there will be notecards for comments; tokens welcome). Cleanup at 4:30 pm.

Martial Activities

Kingdom Rapier Championships

Rapier Champs MoL precheck form is here:

The tournament format will be as follows:

Round Robin

All combatants will be divided into round robin pools. 

Each fight will be bring your best, single pass, and doubles will be refought once. After that, doubles will be counted as a loss for both.

Each fighter will fight every other fighter in their pools. 

Marshals will record wins and losses within their list.

Elimination Round

After the round robin pools, 16 fighters who are willing to serve as champion will move on to the elimination round. IF A FIGHTER IS NOT ABLE OR WILLING TO SERVE AS CHAMPION, THEY MUST TELL THE MOL PRIOR TO THE ELIMINATION ROUND.

Elimination round is bring your best, best two out of three. 

Doubles will be refought until clean.

This will be a double elimination round, unless time constraints force us to reduce it to single elimination.

For the double elimination version, we will have a winners and losers bracket.


The top two fighters will fight call and response rotating weapons forms.

(Fighter A says they will use buckler, fighter B responds with dagger, etc).

Combatants may not repeat any weapons forms, with one caveat: if needed, an opponent may use up one of their weapons forms but discard their offhand weapon down to single sword.

Fighters do not have to match weapons forms.

The first person to choose will be determined by a coin flip.

This will be best 3 out of 5 passes.

Doubles will be refought until clean.

Losses from the elimination round will be forgiven and each fighter will start from a blank slate.

Cut and thrust and two hander will be allowed. 

Spears are not allowed.

For cut and thrust, both combatants must be armored and authorized and must agree to fight this. FIGHTERS MAY NOT SURPRISE THEIR OPPONENT WITH ARMORING UP TO CUT AND THRUST STANDARDS. YOU MUST ARMOR UP AND KEEP YOUR ARMOR ON IF YOU WISH TO FIGHT CUT AND THRUST AND YOUR OPPONENT AGREES. We will not have armor change delays during the finals.

Additional rules:

Cut and thrust is allowed, if both combatants are armored and authorized appropriately. Each combatant must agree to participating in a cut and thrust fight.

Two handed swords are allowed throughout the tournament.

Spears are not allowed in the tournament (this is due to list field constraints).

Reduced armor experiment is allowed.

All marshals are asked to please ask the opponents if they are ready, call lay on, call holds as needed, and help with any questions from the combatants. If both combatants are satisfied, the marshals are asked not to delay the combatants from leaving the lyst so as not to slow down the MoL.

If an opponent repeatedly backs into the ropes, the marshal may ask that opponent to resume with their back against the ropes instead of permitting them to repeatedly recenter. This is to reduce the frequency of combatants running out of the list.

All opponents are asked to report to the MoL promptly after their bouts in the elimination phase.

Arts and Science Activities

Artisan’s Corner and Games

If you wish to take a break from watching the fencing, please join us for gentler pursuits. There will be space set aside for those who wish to practice or learn about various arts and crafts. Period games will also be available to play and learn.

The Magister John Marshall atte Forde Memorial Cooking Competition

This cooking competition celebrates the life and legacy of Magister John Marshall atte Forde, a beloved yet departed member of our local community and an avid cook.

Registration opens 9:30 am, closes 1 pm. Those who wish to talk with the judges can make arrangement to do so.
Open to populace (there will be paper or cards for notes and bags for tokens) until 3. Pick up token bags and anything personal by 4:30.

First (annual) Pies

Please bring your best pie.  Bring at least 2 pies or 16 servings. 

Three categories:

1. Your redaction: Redact a recipe (or translation of one) of any period pie.  Documentation for this category includes the original (or translation) and source, your redaction, a short description of what you did, what changes you made to the original and what you would change in the future. 

2. Someone else’s redaction. Work from someone else’s redaction of a period recipe.  This can be a cookbook, website, magazine, or what a friend has done.  Documentation for this category includes any information you have of the original and of the redaction, short description of what you did, your method, what changes you made from the redaction; and what you would change in the future. 

3. “SCA Normal” Work from a recipe or item that is used by many SCA cooks, or one that is period reasonable.  Documentation for this category includes the recipe or information on what you did, short description of your method and what you would change in the future. 

For all categories: Pies must be able to be severed cold/room temperature as we cannot count on kitchen use.  Pre-made shells are acceptable (handmade would be great, but this is more about your filling). Ingredient list is required for all entries and must be complete (to avoid allergies/sensitivities)

The prizes will be items from John Marshall’s collection. 


Provided by the shire’s cooking group Dining with Lorenzo. Please contact Anna with any questions or concerns: .


Roasted Chicken Legs with shallots and bacon
Roasted Root Vegetable soup (vegan)
Chickpea Salad
Soft Pretzels from the Philly Pretzel Factory
Fig & Raisin Cream
Savory Toasted Cheese

Ingredients List

Roasted Chicken:    Chicken Legs, Shallots, Bacon, Flour, Butter, Salt, Pepper

Sausage: TDB


Chickpea Salad: Chickpeas, Lemon Juice, Cucumber, Bell Peppers, Parsley, Red Onion, Olive Oil, Cumin

Fig & Raisin Cream: Figs, Raisins, Red wine, Cinnamon, Cloves, Dark brown sugar, Rice flour

Tzatziki: Greek Yogurt, Dill, Cucumbers, Salt, Pepper

Savory Toasted Cheese: Brie, Cream Cheese, Whole milk, Butter, White Pepper

Other activities

Children’s Activities

There will be children/youth activities, details to follow.

Call for Cookies

Attention Cookie Monsters everywhere! The Shire of Hartshorn-Dale needs YOU. For Harts & Horns ~ East Kingdom Rapier Champions, we would like to have cookies available for the populace, to grab as a quick snack before or after Court. We request volunteers willing to lend a hand in this to provide us with 2 dozen cookies, each. Kindly include an ingredient list. Please bring your cookie creations to St. Paul’s UCC; 1979 Weavertown Rd; Douglassville, PA 19518 on either Friday November 10th at 7pm, or Saturday November 11th. Interested gentles can sign up here:

Heraldry Displays

Attendees are welcome to bring banners and heraldry, for display either outside or inside. Please bring your own stand or mechanism for display.

Renaissance Rummage Sale

Do you have extra SCA stuff taking up space in your basement? Donate it to the Renaissance Rummage Sale! Items must be relevant to the SCA. No random modern things. This is a fundraiser for the Shire: you donate things, and in return you get more space in your basement. Whatever does not sell will be offered for free towards the end of the event. Whatever is left after that will be donated somewhere (with a few exceptions). All reasonable offers will be accepted. Cash only.