Newcomers and spectators welcome! Dance practice is regularly attended by non-dancers who enjoy gentle conversation and a chance to work on their knitting or other handcrafting project.

Dancing the Pavian at Dining with Elizabeth I, June 2014.

Medieval and renaissance dancing is a fun, social activity. We learn and practice dances from many times and places providing a broad experience. Most dances are done with groups of couples in lines, circles and squares. Some more advanced dances are done in trios.

Dancing was an essential part of life in the Middle Ages and renaissance. Everyone participated in dancing at ceremonies, festivals and fairs.

Hartshorn-Dale is fortunate to be one of the few local groups in the SCA that has a weekly dance practice.

When: Friday nights, from 7:30 to 9 pm. Communications (changes or cancellations) will be announced via the Hartshorn-Dale mailing list and on the Facebook page. Dance practices are also posted to the Shire’s calendar.

Where: All Saints Church Norristown, 535 Haws Ave, Norristown PA 19401 (new site for Fall 2021)

Who to contact for Dancing:

What to bring: Comfortable shoes. No partner necessary. All ages and experience levels gladly welcomed. Please note that, as of Fall 2021, we are following the East Kingdom’s COVIDSafe policy. Please see the email and Facebook announcements for the current requirements.