Our neighboring SCA groups also host practices, including for activities which are not regularly meeting in Hartshorn-dale.

Even if there are not regular local practices, some local events include activities like archery or thrown weapons.


Eleanor practices archery
Eleanor practices archery at Shire Wars VIII

Currently, archery practice is being run by the Barony of Bhakail. Our neighbors the Shire of Buckland Cross and the Shire of Blak Rose also run regular archery practices. Loaner equipment is usually available and no prior experience is necessary!

Thrown Weapons (axes, knives, etc)

Axe in target
In the SCA, Thrown Weapons refers to throwing knives, axes, and spears. Some events also include atlatl (also called a “spear thrower,” this device throws long darts or arrows).

Unlike other martial activities, you do not need to be authorized (you do not need approved armor, or a minimal level of training) to participate in Thrown Weapons, although the Marshall will inspect your weapons for safety.

You learn more about Thrown Weapons in the East Kingdom here.

Marshall giving instruction