Seneschal (chapter president): James O’Galleghure (he/him)

Seneschal Staff

Deputy Seneschal: Alison Wodehalle (she/her)

Drop Dead Deputy: Kathryn Perry (she/her)

Social Media Deputy: Brandr Bjorndall (he/him)

Chancellor Minor (Children and Youth activities): Mael Daire Ua Duinn

Chancellor of the Exchequer (treasurer): Ivette of Worcester (she/her)

Exchequer Staff

Deputy Exchequer: Elysabeth Underhill (she/her)

Chamberlain (keeper of things): Ivette of Worcester

Chatelaine (newcomer contact person): Sarah le Payller (she/her)

Herald (name and armory submissions): Lillia de Vaux (she/her)

Chronicler (newsletter): Alison Wodehalle (she/her)

Chronicler Staff

Historian: Diana Alene Tregirtse (she/her)

Secretarie (meeting minutes): Kathryn Perry (she/her)

Knight Marshal (martial arts officer): Berkhommer (he/him)

Martial Staff

Fencing Marshal: Jacqueline Cross (she/her)

Deputy Fencing Marshal: Adelina de Verrieres (she/her)

Archery: Vacant

Thrown Weapons (throwing axes, knives etc): Vacant

Heavy Weapons (armored combat): Served by the Knight Marshal

Youth Combat: Janette Colquhoun (aka EAJ)

Minister of Arts and Sciences (research and creative stuff): Aislinn Ysobel d’Argentan (she/her)

Minister of Arts and Sciences Staff

Deputy MoAS: Elizabet Marshall

Dance: Diana Alene Tregirtse (she/her)

Dining with Lorenzo (Cooking):

Webminister : Sarah le Payller (she/her)

Deputy Webminister: Bertana of Cissanbyrig (she/her)

Minister of the Lists (keeper of the combat lists): Milissent De Haithwait (she/her)