Officer Title (Office description)
Officer email
Officer Name
Alison Wodehale (she/her)
Drop dead Deputy Seneschal Kathryn Perry (she/her)
Deputy Seneschal
Talan Gwyllt
Chatelaine (Newcomer contact)
Una Logan
Deputy Chatelaine Viola Soldus she/her/femmina; or (since Italian persona) ela/lei/essa
Accessibity Porter (Accessibility/ADA contact )
Georg Koopman
Archery Marshal (Archery contact )
Naomi bat Avraham (she/her)
Chamberlain (Manages the Shire’s property )
Sarah le Payller (she/her)
Chancellor Minor (Children & Youth contact )
Ratnavati Bai
Chronicler (Reporter/writer )
Sarah le Payller (she/her)
Dance (Dance contact)
Diana Alene Tregirtse
Deputy Dance Masters Hrolfr Hrafnsson

George Koopman
Domesday Editor (Maintains Shire directory)
Siobhan inghean ui Dhonnabhain (she/her)
Exchequer (Treasurer)
Diana Alene Tregirtse
Deputy Exchequer (Treasurer) William Walworth de Durham (he/him)
Fencing Marshal (Fencing contact)
James O’Galleghure
Herald (Heraldry (names & devices) contact)
William Walworth de Durham (he/him)
Knights Marshal (Heavy combat contact)
Berkhommer (he/him)
Minister of Arts & Sciences (Arts & Sciences (questions, workshops) contact)
Minister of the Lists (Administrator for combat at events)
Attila Soldus
Secretarie (Responsible for minutes)
Kathryn Perry (she/her)
Social Media (Social Media contact)
Brandr Bjorndal (he/him)
Web Minister (Website contact)
Sarah le Payller (she/her)
Deputy Webminister (Assistant to Web Minister)Kolozsvári Árpád