Hartshorn-dale’s cooking group, called “Dining with Lorenzo,” is dedicated to historically accurate high quality cuisine. “Dining with Lorenzo” was the first of several events centered on a single recipe manuscript (of a particular time & place) and of a single season, and when the cooks continued experimenting with period recipes, the name stuck. We have also cooked for other events, including Shire Wars 6 and Artisian’s Village.

When: We traditionally meet several times a month.

Communications: (changes or cancellations) will be announced via the Hartshorn-Dale mailing list and Facebook page.

Where: The location varies.

Feasting during Dining with Elizabeth I, 2014.

Recent “Dining with” Event:

Dining Alfresco with Henri II, held on May 11th, 2019

Join us for an afternoon dining alfresco with Henri II in his gardens at Versailles. Fencing, lawn bowling, tennis, board games, dancing, music and challenges of honor will occupy us along with the lighter remove of midday and the final removes of dinner. All recipes from “Livre fort excellent de Cuisine” 1560. Taste the best of French Renaissance food.