Shire favors featuring the populace badge are a good way to show you’re a member of Hartshorn-Dale while attending events.

Favors are commonly made out of fabric, with the badge embroidered, painted, stamped, appliqued, etc. on.

Images of the badge are on the Device & Badge page. Our badge is a yellow/gold horn on a blue background. It must be yellow on a blue background to be the Hartshorn-Dale badge.

Belt Favors

Belt favors are very common.

Here are instructions for making a belt favor with a badge design that is approximately 2.25 by 2.5 inches in size. If you want to make a larger favor, increase the width of the fabric. If you want to make a longer favor, increase the length.

Cutting instructions: Cut a piece of blue fabric at least 6.5 (up to about 8) by 20-21 inches. The fabric will be folded in half lengthwise and hemmed, resulting in a favor about 3″ wide and about 20″ inches long. Then it will be folded in half, so that about 10″ will hang on each side of the belt. This is a good size to be worn on a belt.

Attaching the badge: Center the badge across the short length, approximately 3.25 inches from the bottom of the fabric (or, 3″ plus seam allowance). Embroider, paint, stamp, applique, etc. the badge.

Finishing: Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together, and stitch along the long edge. Turn the tube inside out (so the right side is visible). Fold the edges under and stitch.

As a final finishing step, you can fold the favor in half and put a couple of stitches about 2-3 inches from the top of the fold. This creates a loop where the belt goes, and the stitches help keep the favor from sliding or falling off.

Two Hartshorn-Dale favors, strips of blue fabric with yellow hunting horns embroidered on. One horn is outlined and the other is filled in.
Examples of embroidered Hartshorn-Dale belt favors, made by Sarah le Payller.