Children play lawn billiards
Playing lawn billiards at the Dining with Elizabeth I event, June 2014.

Shire events and practices are a great family outing. Children and Youth are welcome to participate in most activities, and many events have special activities just for children and young teens. There are opportunities for kids in martial activities (from fencing to armored combat to thrown weapons and archery), as well as in the Arts & Sciences, and all things the SCA has to offer.

Hartshorn-dale’s youth combat practice (for ages 6-16) meets every other Friday.

Please contact the Senechal (local president) at for more information. Child-sized loaner clothing is available.

Important: If you are bringing a minor (child or youth) to an event, the minor’s parent or legal guardian will need to sign a waiver and complete the Medical Authorization form. Copies of the waiver will be available at the event, or a copy can be printed out and signed ahead of time. The Medical Authorization form requires the signature of a notary public as well as the parent or legal guardian. The East Kingdom Gazette also has a useful article on “Bringing Other People’s Children to East Kingdom Events.