What is largesse?

Largesse is gifts given generously, as thanks or tokens of appreciation. It is made by the populace of the SCA, gifted first to royals or coronets, and then given back to members of populace.

Largesse in the SCA

Largesse is often given out by Coronets (such as barons or baronesses) and the Royals (King and Consort) as a token of appreciation or thanks. Largesse can be given out in Court, it can be given to the staff at an event, it can be handed out as the Coronet or Royal is walking around.

But before it can be given away, it needs to be created and given to the Coronets or Royals. Sometimes this is organized by a group or another (so Hartshorn-Dale, as a group, may call for largesse for a particular event), but it can also be done by an individual.

How to give largesse

Especially if you’ve made largesse as an individual, you may be gifting it it to the Royals or Coronets at an event, when everyone is busy. Royals usually have a largesse coordinator: a staff person who organizes largesse donations. Coronets will have retainers. You should hand the largesse over to one of these staff

When the group has made a call for largesse to gift to a neighbor or the Royals, it may be presented in Court.

Label your largesse

  • Label everything. Include your name and any special care instructions.
  • Label any potential allergens (including fibers!). Also include if the item was made in a home with dogs or cats (allergens) if it’s something that could have picked up animal hair. Fibers can also be packed in ziploc bags, which protects them from spills/damage, and also keeps folks safe from any potential allergens.
  • Labels are especially important for any food, drink, or other item that isn’t immediately identifiable.
  • Labels are also important for any heat-sensitive items, including food/drink but also crayons, candles, and the like. Package them carefully (so that if they do melt they do not damage anything else).
  • Labels should be securely attached (do not use straight pins – use safety pins or sew on); largesse often travels.

Other factors to consider when gifting largesse

  • Think about transportation, especially if donating to the Royals. Small, nonbreakable items are ideal, and if something IS breakable, pack carefully.
  • Consider avoiding scented objects, due to allergen concerns.
  • Ideal largesse appeals to a wide audience – try to focus on items that can be used by most people, rather than items that can only be used by certain personas or genders.

Examples of largesse

Largesse is often handmade, but sometimes purchased.

Examples of purchased largesse:

  • Thrift store mugs, silverware, or other feast gear
  • Scribal supplies, such as pergamenta paper, gouache, or 001 brushes
  • Yardage of fabric

Largesse can be donated as a number of similar items, or as a single item.

  • Coronets/Royals often appreciate similar items, as it makes it easy to gift largesse to several people at once.
  • But gift whatever you can gift, whether it’s one item, or three, or ten.

Largesse does not need to be a finished product; largesse can be parts or supplies.

  • Wooden handles for a Viking-style bag
  • Fiber for spinning, or hand-spun yarn
  • Especially if you are donating to another Barony: fabric, thread, etc. in their colors.
  • Scribal supplies or tools
  • Decorated fabric
  • Beads

Incomplete list of common largesse

  • Medallion cords, such a lucet, fingerloop braid, or kumihimo. Could be a variety of colors, or the colors of the receiving group.
  • Trim, such as inkle or tablet weaving
  • Belts, either leather or woven.
  • Mugs. Mug holders. Mug covers.
  • Small game kits, featuring a period game
  • Rings, bracelets, pendants
  • Drawstring bags
  • Little notebooks, either purchased or handmade
  • Needlebooks
  • Little sewing/mending kits
  • Armor repair kits
  • Stamped coins or pewter tokens
  • Buttons
  • Favors featuring the receiving group’s populace badge.
  • Napkins
  • Thank-you notes
  • Coifs, hats, or hoods
  • Mittens
  • Scroll cases
  • Items for children – stuffed animals, dolls, games


  • The East Kingdom Wiki has an article on Largesse
  • The Fellowship of the Things includes instructions for how to make several kinds of largesse
  • Our neighbor, the Barony of Bhakail, held a Largesse Roundtable in May 2023. The slides are here.
  • The Kingdom of An Tir has a good article on Largesse on their Wiki, including a list of possible items.