Heavy combat melee at Balfar’s Challenge, 2014. Photo by Naomi bat Avraham.

Heavy combat is the SCA’s re-enactment of armored medieval knights fighting with sword and shield.

Most Thursday nights, our neighbor, the Barony of Buckland Cross, holds heavy combat practice, and has invited our shire to join. Their practice is held at 200 w 65th ave Philadelphia, PA 19126, starting around 6:30 or 7 pm.

Who to contact for Heavy Combat: marshal@hartshorn-dale.eastkingdom.org . There is also a Facebook group: PHILADELPHIA SCA FIGHTER PRACTICE INFO .

What to bring: Just yourself and an open mind. We are friendly to newcomers and just wish to share the fun and camaraderie. You can learn what to look for in armor and gear to feed that inner knight.

For the rules: http://marshal.eastkingdom.org/fighters.html

What to expect: Have you ever felt the call of sword and shield? Ever wished you could go back in time to the days when Kings and Knights tested their strength in arms? Did you grow up playing with stick swords and cardboard shields? Do you wish the knight of old still existed?
Heavy Weapons is a full contact sport which harkens back to the tourneys and melees of old. Here you can find out just what it takes to become a knight. Whether your preference tends towards the hundred person melees or outwitting your opponent in a tourney, here is where your adventure will begin. Step back in time to Medieval Combat, join us at Heavy Weapons practice and stand with the warriors of the East Kingdom.

At Bhakail Commons, 2018.