The populace of Hartshorn-Dale would like to invite you to their first annual Harts and Horns event! Come join the festivities! There will be fighting, fencing, and the Shire of Hartshorn-Dale will be choosing new Champions for each martial art. There will be an A&S display and populace choice competition, as well as a Garbed Plushie display. Our famous “Dining with Lorenzo” group will also be having a feast for a small extra charge! Come on out to celebrate with us before the winter snows put a freeze on our outdoor (and indoor) activities.

See the Event Announcement in the East Kingdom calendar.

Event details

Date: October 8th, 2022.
Location: St Pauls United Church of Christ, 1979 Weavertown Rd, Douglassville, PA 19518

Changing rooms will be available on site. There will be a room for men, ladies, and a family/gender neutral room.

A quiet/sensory room is also available if anybody needs a quiet space during the event.

We have requested and been granted a variance to require INDOOR MASKING (except when eating and drinking). More details will be posted soon. Children under the age of 2 do not need to mask. If the weather permits, the A&S displays, Rummage sale, and games will be held outside. Fighting will be outside.


9 am, site opens

9 am, Renaissance Rummage sale opens for donations & sales – bring your stuff! Sales begin as soon as items are on the table.

9:30 am, Heavy and Fencing fields open.  Inspections for armored combat and fencing & tournament sign up begins

9:30 am, sign up for A&S opens, Garbed Plushie setup begins.

9:30 am, Thrown Weapons range opens

10:30 am, tournament sign up ends for fencing and heavy

11 am, Fencing & Heavy tournament begins

11 am, voting begins for A&S and Garbed Plushies

11 am, Games table opens

11:30 am – 1:30 pm, Dayboard

2:30 pm, Dancing begins

4 pm, Fencing and Armored Combat list fields close. Thrown Weapons range closes.
and Renaissance Rummage sale ends: everything becomes free! Take it away!

4 pm, voting ends for A&S and Garbed Plushies

4 pm, Games table closes

4:30 pm, Dancing ends

4:45 pm, Tournament & A&S winners will be announced 

5 pm – 6:30 pm, Feast. 

7 pm, site closes; site cleanup begins.

Martial Activities

The Minister of the Lists will be Judith the Confused.


Get ready for an awesome tournament to select the next Defender of Hartshorn Dale (our title for Rapier Champion).

Format for the champions tournament will be a standard round robin with a twist – the fencer with the lower award level of any pairing will pick the matched weapons form that both fencers must use.  Fencers of the same award level must agree on a form that both must use.  Award levels will be based on the following:  no award, Order of the Silver Rapier (AoA level), Order of the Golden Rapier (Grant level), Master of Defense (Peerage).

If time allows we will hold an additional for-fun only tournament to include spears.

If you are part of the reduced armor experiment those rules will be in effect.

You’re gonna love it, so show up and be prepared to slice and dice your way to victory!

Marshal in charge of Fencing: Jacqueline Cross

Current Champion: Defender Albion Drake

Armored Combat

Marshal in charge of Armored Combat: Sir Elglin of House Eagle.

Current Champion Berkhomer will be running the tournament to choose the next Hartshorn-Dale armored combat champion. The tournament style will be Atlantian Speed Tournament.

After the tournament, the list field will be open for pickup fights and other fighting.

Bhakail Heavy Champions

Bhakail Heavy champions will take place at Harts & Horns (moved from the Bhakail Commons). Format and timing to be decided.

Thrown Weapons

Marshal in Charge of Thrown Weapons is Colin MacKenzie. There will be a range for folks to learn and practice. There may be an informal tournament.

Arts and Science Activities

Arts and Sciences Display

A&S Display/Populace Choice: There will be two categories 1) Items inspired by something relating to Hartshorn-dale: think deer, stag, hearts, antlers, hunting horns, and music horns. 2) General A&S: whatever you are working on at the moment, or your favorite recent project. Documentation is not required, but a description is encouraged, especially for the first category explaining how your work fits the theme. If you need significant space, please let the coordinator know ahead of time ( Voting beads will be provided, however, everyone is encouraged to bring their own tokens to leave for work they are impressed with. Cards will also be available to leave comments.


Dance will be run by Lady Eleanor De Astlye and will include instruction for those just learning.


Come and try your hand at a game of luck or skill! We will have many types of period games for people play, including strategy games, card games, dice games, and even Lawn Billiards, an ancestor to Croquet. We will be teaching anyone who wants to learn, so please join us even if you have never played these games before. Run by Naomi bat Avraham and Andrew Schickard.

Plushie Display

Harts and Horns will include a specialized A&S Display:  a garbed plushie (stuffed animal) display!  Plushies are so easy to make garb for – you don’t need a lot of fabric, and they never complain about the fit!  You may enter as many plushies as you wish. The populace will vote on several categories.

Plushie winners from the Nova Schola Display are welcome to participate in a Plushie Olympian’s Table. The Olympian’s Table will not be eligible for voting. (Note: If the same plushie has new garb – or the garb was significantly changed – since the win, then the plushie can be entered in the voting display again.)

Plushie voting categories:
Most creative
Most historically accurate
Most surprising/unexpected
Most adorable
Most stabby (best armored or martial plushie)
Favorite/Best in Show
Best accessories


Dayboard will be: Cabbage onion soup, ham, beans, cheese platter, baby carrots, gingerbread cookie, almond cookies, apple cider.


Feast Menu: Dining with Richard II: Forme of Cury

Hunt Supper:

Venison (Farm raised in Pennsylvania), Carmeline Sauce (cinnamon sauce), and Salat (greens & herbs), and Chyches (chickpeas), and Diverse Breads & Butters

Blanc Manger and Rice and Funges (mushrooms & leeks), and Tart de Bry (brie custard pie)

Bursews (deep fried pork balls), and Mustarda di fruita (dried fruits & mustard sauce), and Peeres in Confyt (peers cooked in wine), and Cryspels & honey custarde (horn pastry like cannoli) with a honey custard filling

Update August 30th: We have removed Sauce Peverot and replaced Sause Madam with Blanc Manger.

Ingredients for feast:

  • Venison order from farm (venison, salt, pepper)
  • Cameline Sauce Joe’s version (almond milk, rice flour, saffron, ginger, mace, cubeb & cinnamon, sugar, vegetable broth, red wine vinegar, red food coloring, salt) 
  • Salat  (romaine lettuce &herbs, vinegar, olive oil)
  • Chyches (chickpeas, wine, poudre fort, olive oil, garlic, saffron, salt )
  • Bread (some gluten free)
  • ButtersChoices (Honey or Nordspice: (cardamom, cinnamon, mace, cloves, grains of paradise)
  • Blanc Manger (chicken, parsley, oregano, tarragon, rosemary, thyme, fennel, rice, almonds, saffron, chicken fat)
  • Funges (leeks, mushrooms, vegetable broth, powder Forte with cinnamon, ginger, black
     pepper, cloves, grains of paradise & cubebs)
  • Tart de Bry (butter crust Trader Joe, Wegman’s intense brie, Philly cream cheese,
    egg yolks, saffron, Bee Keeper’s Daughter honey, sea salt, cane sugar, ground ginger)
    Bursews #179 (roasted pork butt, salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder, poudre forte, egg yolks, flour) (Gluten free version)
  • Mustarda di Fruita sauce  (apricots, quince paste,  cherries, ginger, shallots, Dijon mustart, white wine vinegar, dry white wine, butter, sugar,  water, mustard powder)
  • Peeres in Confyt (pears, red marsala wine, mulberries, sugar, powdered ginger)
  • Cryspels (horns: flour, granulated sugar, salt, unsalted butter, marsala wine, 1 large egg, 1 large egg white)  
  • (Custard: cream, eggs, rice flour, flavorings)    

Other activities


Attendees are welcome to bring banners and heraldry, for display either outside or inside. Please bring your own stand or mechanism for display.

Renaissance Rummage Sale

Do you have extra SCA stuff taking up space in your basement? Donate it to the Renaissance Rummage Sale! (This was called the “Make an offer” table at Nova Schola). Details below:

  • Items must be relevant to the SCA. No random modern things. 
  • This is a fundraiser for the Shire: you donate things, and in return you get more space in your basement.
  • Whatever does not sell will be offered for free towards the end of the event. Whatever is left after that will be donated to a local thrift (with a few exceptions). 
  • All reasonable offers will be accepted.
  • Cash only.