Officer Title (Office description)
Officer email
Officer Name
Elizabet Marshal

Chatelaine (Newcomer contact)
Eleanor De’Astlye
Accessibity Porter (Accessibility/ADA contact )
Georg Koopman
Archery Marshal (Archery contact )
Naomi bat Avraham

Chamberlain (Manages the Shire’s property )
Sarah le Payller

Chancellor Minor (Children & Youth contact )
Ratnavati Bai

Chronicler (Reporter/writer )
Siobhan inghean ui Dhonnabhain
Dance (Dance contact)
Diana Alene Tregirtse
Deputy Dance Masters Hrolfr Hrafnsson

George Koopman
Domesday Editor (Maintains Shire directory)
Kolozsvári Árpád
Exchequer (Treasurer)
Diana Alene Tregirtse
Fencing Marshal (Fencing contact)
James O’Galleghure

Herald (Heraldry (names & devices) contact)
Alison Wodehale
Knights Marshal (Heavy combat contact)
Talan Gwyllt
Minister of Arts & Sciences (Arts & Sciences (questions, workshops) contact)
Naomi bat Avraham

Minister of the Lists (Administrator for combat at events)
Attila Soldus

Secretarie (Responsible for minutes)
Kathryn Perry
Social Media (Social Media contact)
Eleanor De’Astlye
Thrown Weapons Marshal (Thrown Weapons contact)This position is OPEN.

Please contact the Seneschal or Chatelaine.
Web Minister (Website contact)
Sarah le Payller

Deputy Webminister (Assistant to Web Minister)Kolozsvári Árpád