The listing of the Shire’s supplies and equipment, and who is storing the equipment. Contact the Chamberlain at to make arrangements to borrow equipment.

Shire banners, signs, and decorations
Food serving supplies
Fencing gear
Miscellaneous stuff
For Newcomers

Shire Banners, signs, and decorations

Shire banners, bunting, and ropes — Two bins — Kathryn Perry, basement

Various wooden signs (SCA, Archery, Troll, Heralds, Ladies, Children’s Area, Roving Range with adjustable clock) — In need of repainting — Kathryn Perry, garage

Yellow SCA signs — plastic and wood — Kathryn Perry, garage

Food serving supplies

White serving dishes, oval — About 60, in four bins — Kathryn Perry, garage

Small soup bowls — many, in two bins — Kathryn Perry, garage

Big wooden serving bowls, various tongs — Kathryn Perry, garage

Pitchers, blue plastic bowls, tiny plastic cups, tiny ceramic sauce cups — Big Blue Bin — Kathryn Perry, garage

Tablecloths — five bins — Kathryn Perry, basement

“Misc kitchen stuff” — two bins — Kathryn Perry, basement

Fencing Equipment

Kept by the Fencing Marshall and usually available at Fencing practices.

Inside of Collegiate Fencing Jacket with Collegiate Fencing Single Glove
Pair of Black Slip-on Shoes
2 Swords with Epee Blades
Rigid Parry Device (in shape of a fan)
Garb Punch tester
3 Long Sleeve Fencing Legal Shirts (armpits reinforced)
4 Short Sleeve Fencing Body Armor
2 Long Sleeve or 3/4 Sleeve Fencing Body Armor
3 Tunic Style Fencing Jackets (long sleeve)
4 Long Sleeve Collegiate Fencing Jackets
5 Hoods
4 Fencing Gloves (2 large and 2 extra-large)
5 Gorgets
4 Fencing Masks


Shire games are stored with Sarah le Payller, as well as signs for most games, and square wooden bowls to hold game pieces.
Instructions for games can be found on the Resources page.
The shire has boards and pieces for:
Nine Man’s Morris — three cloth boards
Fox & Geese — three cloth boards
Alquerques — three cloth boards
Byzantine Chess — three cloth boards
El tablero de Jesus — three cloth boards
Beginner Go boards (8 x 8 grids) — three cloth boards
Game of the Goose — two cloth boards


Yellow plastic for signs — Kathryn Perry, garage

Metal blue list poles — Kathryn Perry, garage

Kid’s joust: wooden “horse,” base, shield arm — Horse and base are in Sarah le Payller’s porch, the shield arm is in Saby’s basement

Rose bombs — low blue bin — Diana Alene Tregirtse

Shire Walls (from when the Shire had a Pennsic encampment) — VERY BIG — Saby’s basement

For Newcomers

Loaner feast gear — One set — Small box — Kathryn Perry, garage

Gold Key (loaner clothing) — Five bins — Siobhan inghean ui Dhonnabhain (Chatelaine)