Axe in target
In the SCA, Thrown Weapons refers to throwing knives, axes, and spears. Some events also include atlatl (also called a “spear thrower,” this device throws long darts or arrows).

Unlike other martial activities, you do not need to be authorized (you do not need approved armor, or a minimal level of training) to participate in Thrown Weapons, although the Marshall will inspect your weapons for safety.

You learn more about Thrown Weapons in the East Kingdom here.

When: Thrown Weapons practices are on hiatus. Communications (changes or cancellations) will be announced via the Hartshorn-Dale mailing list and Facebook group.

Where: To be announced.

Who to contact: The Thrown Weapons Marshall position is open. Please contact the Seneschal or Chatelaine, at or .

What to bring: An axe if you have it, if not come anyways! Loaner equipment is available.

Marshall giving instruction