History Quiz

From Alles Faire VIII - Create by Dame Cateline La Souriete 37. What was El Cid's real name? (Ruy or Rodrigo Diáz de Vivar)
Question (correct answer) Nordenhal Know-it-alls Her Majesty's Ladies Other silly answers
1. Name the collection of short stories written by Giovanni Boccaccio which he said were told by a group of ten nobles retiring to the country to avoid the plague. (Decameron) The Ten Commandments Cameron Diaz The Hobbit
Ye Hustler's Privy Book of Most Bawdy and Salacious Stories
2. What color does the dye plant madder typically yield? (Red or orange) Gray Madder Angry red Red, because that's the color my face gets when I get madder
3. What form of hunting are jesses used in? (Hawking or falconry) Hunting for approval Hunting the jester Hunting wabbits
Are you using Jessie for bait again?
4. What French king ceded Normandy to Gangr-Rolf? (Charles III the Simple) Le Roi Burger (with a lisp) Odious the don't-stand-down-wind-of Louis the Innumericable
Jacques Costeau
5. Name the Countess of Henneberg whom medieval legend said gave birth to 365 children in one day. (Margaret) Helga the spent Lady Stamina Ursula the Careless, also known as Ursula the Bowlegged or Ursula the Statistical or St. Ursula the Screaming
6. This piece predated the queen in chess and is still used in Moslem countries. (Vizier) The Eunuch The Concubine The "Mother-in-law", which moves in unpredictable ways, making trouble for everyone
7-8. The battle of Tannenberg on July 15, 1410 involved what armies? (Poland/Lithuania vs. Teutonic Knights) Peeps vs. Bunnies The sunworshippers vs. the cave dwellers The Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys
Darks vs. Lights
9. What time of day does Sext occur? (Noon) After the kids go to bed Whenever the king wants Whenever I can get it
10. What part of the body does the paldron protect? (Shoulder) The duodenum The brisket The "naughty bits"
The big toe
11-13. When Edward the confessor died in 1066, who were the three main contenders for his throne? (William of Normandy, Harald Hardrada, Harold Godwinson) Cassius Clay, George Foreman, Mike Tyson Jacob the liar, John the Baptist, Juan de Bronx Harold Hardrasse, Harold of the Saxon Moors, and that surly SOB, William of Normandy; i.e. Harry, Moor, and Surly
14. What was the Truce of God? (No war on Sundays and holy days) When they all died 'cause he smote them mightily 40 days and 40 nights No fighting on Christmas until after we exchange presents
A card game
15. What part of a knight's essential equipment was referred to in the name for a knight in most European languages other than English? (Horse) Armor, as in "armored guy" Le Codpiece The cup
Mug for mead
16. Sailing for Portugal, this man found the Cape of Good Hope and opened a sea route to Asia. (Bartholomew Diaz) Captain Kirk Mao Tse Tung Juan Castillo, who had lost the Cape on an earlier voyage
17. This man founded a school at Aachen in the 8th century. (Charlemagne) Ferris Bueller Charlie the Man Dr. Strangelove
18. What was the name the Spanish gave to Jews who converted to Christianity? (Conversos) Survivorados Their best customers, the Wachovians Carpetbaggers
19. Name the governmental general assembly that occurred in Iceland in June every year. (Althing) Coldest Thing The Ice Capades Alle's Faire
20. Name the Byzantine movement opposed to the use of religious images. (Iconoclasm) Böule Movement A.C.L.U. Iconophobia
21. Name the Kurdish leader of the Moslems in the time of the 2nd and 3rd Crusades. (Saladin) Al'Whey Smoked Gouda Dr. Evil
22. This European country remained pagan into the 14th century. (Lithuania) Pagonia Spatzelvania Grand Fenwick
23. This saint was often depicted with a child on his shoulder. (St. Christopher) George the Molester St. Michael Jackson Zaphod Beeblebrox
24. What was the name of the meeting held in early 1521 at which Martin Luther defended his doctrines? (Diet of Worms) The Memphis 100 Man March As the Worm Turns The March 1521 meeting of the Red Hat Ladies
25. What famous Tsar was a contemporary of Elizabeth I? (Ivan the Terrible) Izbourne Peter Ivanitch  
26. Against what medieval heresy did Innocent III proclaim a crusade in 1208? (Albigensians or Cathars) Disbelief The 'Chocolate is Period' movement Having rubber duckies
Creative obfuscation
27. What Holy Roman Emperor was drowned in Turkey? (Frederick Barbarossa) Giblet the Viscous Pius Deepus Fryus Sir Stuffing
28-29. The Union of Kalmar united what countries? (Denmark & Sweden) Kala and Mari California and Maryland Greece, Macedonia, and Denmark, a new nation with very odd borders
30. Where was Outremer? (The Holy Land) In someone else's sea Past Inremer Around the Inremer
31. What subject was the University of Bologna most famous for? (Law) The teachings of Haraldr Keilbassi 101 Uses for Boar's Head Lunchmeat
32. What king won the Battle of Bannockburn? (Robert the Bruce) Bonnie Bobbie the Bruce King Haggis Elvis Costello
33. In heraldic blazon, what is a sheaf of wheat called? (Garb) Sprigantia Au Bon Pain Cream of Wheat
34. What city was known to the Norse as Miklagard? (Constantinople) East St. Louis Vegas Kalamazoo
Boston, Massachusetts
35. This medieval English saint was said to have pinched the devil's nose with a pair of tongs. (St. Dunstan) Thomas the Smith St. Barbequeous St. Elmer Fudd
St. Eowin the Snotty
36. This Polish king ordered the codification of laws called "The Book of Teutonic Law". (Casimir III "the great") Latka the Fried King Teuton Kamen Stanislaus the Bookmaker, aka Stan the Bookie
Seńor José Jardin Charlton Heston George
38-39. Name two of the four humors of the body in medieval medical theory. (Phlegm, Blood, Choler, Bile) Improv, satire Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld Dark, silly
Funny bone, trick knee
40. What year did the Black Death strike Europe? (1347-1350) 1789 2004 - when Bush was reelected 1313, obviously
41. Who wrote a history of the Byzantine emperor Alexius I Comnenus know as "The Alexiad"? (Anna Comnena) Gus the Alexiadiator Samuel Johnson Dr. Seuss
42. Who was declared Commander-in-Chief of the Netherlands in 1555 by Emperor Charles V? (William the Silent or William of Orange) Eisenhower Peter Pan John F. Kennedy
43. Name the king of Portugal who founded a university in Lisbon in 1292. (Diniz the Worker / Dinis / Diniz o Lavrador) Phil Phillip the wishy-washy King Midas
44. This book was written in the 15th century to describe the evil that witches do and how to detect and put them on trial. (Malleus Maleficarum) How to Get a Woman in 10 Easy Steps Why French Women Don't Get Fat The Art of Influencing People
The Idiot's Guide to Witchcraft and Sorcery
45. Who was king of Hungary during the Mongol invasion in 1241? (Béla IV) Henry the lean All-you-can-eat Omar Alex Trebek
46. This Jewish movement, originating in 12th century Provence, heavily influenced Christian mysticism and alchemy. (Kabbalah) Carbolics Einstein's Bagels Hokey-Pokey
47. What people was Offa's Dyke constructed to keep out? (The Welsh) Men Lesbians Trolls
48. Who wrote "In Praise of Folly"? (Erasmus of Rotterdam) Folly's husband Fulton Erma Bombeck
49. What city was ruled by an elected official called the Doge? (Venice) Kennelle Howser Pennsic
50. What was the federation of north German towns formed to protect mutual trading interests? (Hansa) AFLCIO Fahrvergnügen First the Ludwigeanic League, then the Rölfeanic League, and -finally- the Hanseatic League